Children of the Code · David Boulton

Children of the Code

You may have noticed that in the previous posting, I created a link to the work of Betty Hart and Todd Risley. This link takes you to the website Children of the Code. As Cartwheel says in a posting on the Reading Reform Foundation, the website is ‘a combination of a book/periodical and a documentary’.

Susan S (Palisadesk, for those who follow Kitchen Table Math and the RRF) adds:

‘It’s likely that most who view the many resources (videos, interviews) on the Children of the Code website are unaware that it is pretty much a one-man show. David Boulton is a passionate individual from outside the education sector who is not funded by government or school districts or private industry; his Children of the Code project is financed largely by donations of time and money by the many individuals who are supportive of his efforts to get the whole issue of reading and how to teach it on the front burner. Volunteers help with transcribing the interviews, organizing events and technical stuff as well. With donations from individuals and organizations, Boulton is also able to cover expenses, services and materials.’

If you’ve never been there before, a trip to Children of the Code will not go unrewarded.