4 thoughts on “Balls to scrap Strategies!

  1. Where is the outpouring of comment on this momentous action? The Radio 4 Today programme did the best job, pointing out that the strategies were ending only because the contract held by the company who had the contract to create and run them had come to its 10year end. What a waste of 10 years of our children's educational lives and all that money.

  2. What will happen to all the literacy advisors? Perhaps the Government are planning to spend the money saved from their salaries on training all the specialist teachers that are needed to teach the 'dyslexic' children arising from the last ten years of literacy teaching. Do you think it will be Literacy Advisors who are trained up?


  3. Well Lizzie, given that the literacy advisors and their employers both suffer from the same delusion, i.e., that they know something worth knowing about teaching literacy, the short answer to your question is yes!

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