Back home in search of the lost apostrophe.

I’m back! Did I miss anything? I thought not.
Anyway, there’s an amusing piece in the Telegraph from a couple of days ago on ‘Stefan Gatward’s mission to correct our wayward grammar.’
Apparently, Mr Gatward added an apostrophe to the street sign where he lives. The new sign reads St Johns Close, whereas, of course, it should have read St John’s Close.
I think what is most amusing about the article is that the Telegraph’s columnist, Patrick Sawyer (or was it the sub-editor?), made the mistake of putting in an apostrophe where none was required:
“This served to confirm a pet theory of Mr Gatward’s that the Catholic Church is rather more rigorous in these matters than the liberal Church of England, given it’s (sic) adherence to scriptural doctrine rather than individual interpretation.”
Gatward’s apostrophe lasted three days before being scratched out, by the way.
Nuff said.

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