£2.5 billion of taxpayers money spent on National Strategies in primary schools · maths and science GCSEs

News in brief

The Independent was reporting yesterday that a group of experts set up by the government is demanding ‘tougher maths and science exams’ at GCSE.
Graeme Paton has two pieces in the Telegraph: one on the ‘social engineering’ controversy, claiming that ‘Labour’s mission to “socially engineer” university admissions is built on flawed evidence, according to independent school leaders’; the other reports that Ofsted is claiming that Labour’s schools reforms aren’t working because of red tape. Amen to that!
And by the way, if you want to know how much the National Strategies – those would be the ones they are scrapping from next year – have cost since 1997, the figure Paton gives is £2.5 billion for primaries and £2 billion for secondaries. What a waste of taxpayers money!

3 thoughts on “News in brief

  1. 4.5 billon pounds! That's incredible! And look at the continuing damage being done by the implementation of Reading Recovery and the like – where the government is promoting conflicting strategies. Hopefully this will disappear too?

    Syd Aixel

  2. Don't hold your breath in the hope of RR disappearing any time soon, Syd. The only thing that will stop it in its tracks is money! Evidence doesn't come into the equation, it seems.
    By the way, are you related to my friend Dy S. Lexia by any chance?

  3. That's amazing! How do you know Dy? It wouldn't be anything to do with the fact that Reading Recovery and whole language multiple-cuing have been around for so long would it?

    Perhaps something good will come out of the depression then.

    Syd A.

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