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Charter schools and reality

I haven’t said anything about Michael Gove’s education initiatives before but I’ve just noticed an interesting posting by Allison on the subject of charter schools on Kitchen Table Math.
You might also want to look further at Allison’s source, ‘The Virtue of Speaking Plain Truths on Charter Schools’ by Frederick Hess in the Journal of the American Enterprise Institute.

2 thoughts on “Charter schools and reality

  1. Thanks for this, Anon. I'm not decided on this issue and I don't expect to be able to make up my mind any time soon.
    Quite clearly, there are reports of good examples of charter schools – some were mentioned in Hess's piece in The American – KIPP, YES, SEED, Aspire, Achievement First. However, Diane Ravitch provides interesting food for thought in her book The Life and Death of the Great American School System. (See pp 135-136 for her views on KIPP.)
    I'm certainly for improving the educational chances of all children but on this one I think the jury is going to be out for some time.

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