Private Eye

Teachers under surveillance In the latest issue of the Eye, there’s a lovely little satire on teachers and reading: TEACHERS PROTEST AT HAVING TO TEACH CHILDREN TO READby Our Education Staff Michael WhiteboardBRITAIN’s top teaching union, NOTREAD (the National organisation of Teaching Representatives, Educationalists and Deputies) last night voted unanimously to go on strike against government… Continue reading Teachers under surveillance

phonics · TES

What keeps the anti-phonics lobby awake at night

There’s an opinion piece published in the TES today (20 04 2012) in the ‘What keeps me awake at night’ column, imploring Mr Gibb to ‘read up on phonics’. Sadly, it’s yet another witless little anti-phonics diatribe from another benighted simpleton who advertises his ignorance of what phonics is from the start. He tells us… Continue reading What keeps the anti-phonics lobby awake at night