St George's CEPS

St George’s CEPS scores again!

In the last couple of years, St George’s CE Primary School in Wandsworth, of phonics screening fame, have welcomed into their school two pupils from different parts of the world who arrived without any English.
St George’s CEPS scores again!

What is remarkable about the education the school is offering under the leadership of head teacher Jan Hilary and deputy head Sarah Collymore, is that both children are already literate enough to be able to play a full part in the academic life of the school.
The first, a Brazilian boy, entered Year 4 speaking no English. His standardised score for spelling went from 94 to 108 and his spelling age increased from 8 years to 11 years and 2 months. His reading level went from 1C to 4A between Y4 and Y6.
The second, a Bulgarian girl arrived at the beginning of Year 1. When she entered the school, she too had no English. Between Year 1 and Year 2, her standardised spelling score went from 69 to 94 and her reading level went from W to 2B.
And, by the way, she passed her phonics screening check at the end of Y1 with a score of 37/40.
St George’s uses Sounds-Write to teach literacy throughout the school.
Well done to the school and thanks for passing on these figures.