Fishburn PS · phonics screening check 2013 · Pinchmill Lower · St George's CEPS

Phonics screening check – results from three schools

Now the dust has begun to settle after the phonics screening check, three schools have sent me this year’s results.

First up is Pinchmill Lower, where, like last year, 100% of the children got between 32 and 40. Well done to head teacher Vanessa Coleman and to her staff.

Next is Fishburn Primary School in Durham and situated in a very challenging catchment area, which has also reported their results for the screening check. In the interests of being absolutely transparent, I will give their exact findings, which as schools will know are more complex than simple figures often show. The school reports an 80% success rate overall. However, two children, neither of whom scored at or above the 32 mark, arrived in the school for the first time on the day of the check! Another child had attended the school for ten days only and one child was ‘non-verbal’ and couldn’t participate in the check at all. Taking these children into consideration, the percentage of children scoring at or above 32/40 reaches 92%.This left two children, both of whom scored 23/40, not reaching the expected level, and both are in the process of statutory assessment for speech and language disorders.

The school have also sent me some hugely impressive data on the progress children in Y1 and Y2 have made in their decoding ability and reading comprehension, which I will be posting on the Sounds-Write website in due course.

Finally, I’ve just received the following from Theresa Plummer, the learning support manager at St George’s CEPS in Wandsworth:

“Jan (the head teacher at Ste George’s) has asked me to share the fantastic news with you that St George’s achieved 100% in the Phonics check this year, including the children who either missed the check due to absence or did not achieve it last year! It really is great news to be moving the children up to Year 2 with such solid basic skills.  Also in Year 1 all the children are reading at least at NC Level 1A, with most of the class at 2C or 2B.”

St George’s is real proof that Sounds-Write works!  We are finding it very beneficial further up the school also.

Congratulations to all three schools!