Caron Callaghan · Casey-Lee Callaghan · St Thomas Aquinas

Sounds-Write in Zambia

Casey-Lee hard at work! Caron Callaghan is a member of the teaching staff at St Thomas Aquinas CPS, where Sounds-Write first piloted the Sounds-Write training course. Over the years, many, many children have passed through Caron’s capable hands on their journey to the fully literate life of independent readers and writers. Being a woman who… Continue reading Sounds-Write in Zambia

Andrew Davis · The Guardian

Andrew Davis’s philosophical phonics fantasy

Yesterday, the Guardian, to its shame, in my opinion, chose once again to give space to Andrew Davis for yet another opportunity to launch a diatribe against the teaching of synthetic phonics. Why do I say ‘to its shame’? Because, at bottom, Davis, an academic philosopher, doesn’t know what he’s talking about and anyone with the… Continue reading Andrew Davis’s philosophical phonics fantasy