Andrew Davis · The Guardian

Andrew Davis’s philosophical phonics fantasy

Yesterday, the Guardian, to its shame, in my opinion, chose once again to give space to Andrew Davis for yet another opportunity to launch a diatribe against the teaching of synthetic phonics. Why do I say ‘to its shame’? Because, at bottom, Davis, an academic philosopher, doesn’t know what he’s talking about and anyone with the… Continue reading Andrew Davis’s philosophical phonics fantasy

Andrew Davis · Debbie Hepplewhite · Radio 4

Andrew Davis’s damp squib

As expected, yesterday’s interview with Debbie Hepplewhite and Andrew Davis on Radio 4’s PM programme followed the usual course of the debates between phonics advocates and the anti-phonics lobby. As such, it was highly instructive. Before I could write about the exchange, I had to listen to it again because, as often happens with phonics… Continue reading Andrew Davis’s damp squib