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Lamb’s linguistic lament

In a report due to be published next month in the Queen’s English Society’s journal Quest, professor Bernard Lamb of Imperial College London claims that his British undergraduates made ‘three times as many grammatical, punctuation and spelling mistakes’ as his overseas students.The figures Lamb refers to are taken from a class of twenty-eight final-year undergraduates… Continue reading Lamb’s linguistic lament

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‘Rising Marks, Falling Standards’ – a report from Policy Exchange

Thanks to Susan Godsland of the RRF for the heads-up on a new report that launches a blistering attack on the Government’s education policy. It’s by the Policy Exchange, ‘an independent, non-partisan educational charity’, and it’s called: ‘Rising Marks, Falling Standards: an investigation into literacy, numeracy and science in primary and secondary schools’ by Tom… Continue reading ‘Rising Marks, Falling Standards’ – a report from Policy Exchange