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‘The truth will out’

For advocates of phonics, it can be especially galling to see reputable newspapers and magazines giving space to the claims of the Whole Language lobby, whilst denying advocates of phonics a right to an adequate reply. The question is: what to do about it?In ‘The truth will out’, published in the New Scientist (15/05/2010), Michael… Continue reading ‘The truth will out’

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Irrationality – our default state?

We at Sounds-Write have long puzzled over why it is that government minsters, literacy specialists, college professors and whatnot aren’t utterly and completely persuaded by the results we get with our programme. In our longitudinal study on over fifteen hundred pupils being taught using Sounds-Write throughout Key Stage 1, over ninety percent were within six… Continue reading Irrationality – our default state?

Betrayed - Why Public Education Administrators Don't Listen · neuroscience · New Scientist · Sounds-Write

The New Scientist on neuroscience and education

This week’s New Scientist (October 2nd 2010) is carrying an interesting piece entitled ‘Supercharge Your Brain’ but it’s also the introductory editorial ‘From neuromyth to reality’ that has much to commend it.Firstly, I can’t resist including the remark once made by John Maynard Keynes quoted at the beginning of the editorial. He is recorded as… Continue reading The New Scientist on neuroscience and education