Daily Telegraph · Lincolnshire county council · Mark McCullough

Busybody bureaucrats at it again!

I expect people will have been pretty shocked to read in today’s papers of another county council that doesn’t seem to know where to draw the line when it comes to minding its own business. This morning’s Telegraph is reporting that Mark McCullough is being threatened by Lincolnshire county council for allowing his seven-year-old daughter to walk twenty yards from their home to a bus stop. Because this involves crossing a country road in the village of Glentham, the council have decided to consider this a child protection issue. A council spokesperson is reported as saying that they are ‘simply trying to be responsible’.
This smacks of the same kind of interfering nonsense I reported on in July, when a school in Dulwich was ‘threatening to report a couple to children’s services because they allow their two children, aged eight and five, to cycle to school every day’.
Perhaps it’s about time Lincolnshire county council realised that they don’t have the right to poke their noses into every aspect of people’s lives.
The parents of the child are refusing to be intimidated.