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Busy bureaucrats must be braver!

As a postscript to yesterday’s story about Lincolnshire county council’s desire to pursue Mark McCullough for allowing his daughter to walk twenty yards to the stop for her school bus, Toby Young, in the Telegraph (13/09/2010) – ‘Schools must be braver with our children: Spending a childhood wrapped in cotton wool is no preparation for adult life’, says:

According to Dr Amanda Gummer, a psychologist who advises the British Toy & Hobby Association, a completely safe childhood is actually more dangerous than one containing its fair share of bumps and scrapes… A survey of over 2,000 parents of primary school children commissioned by Play England found that three-quarters of them thought schools were too concerned with health and safety. We need to dismantle the whole edifice of mollycoddling rules and regulations so our children are free to play proper, old-fashioned games even if they involve risk of injury.

You can now add Lincolnshire county council to your complaint, Toby!