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Phonics Screening Check – results from seven Sounds-Write schools

Sounds-Write would like to pay tribute to all the schools, wherever they are, who managed to achieve over 90% of children passing the Phonics Screening Check threshold of 32/40.

I am particularly proud of the following Sounds-Write schools that have sent their results to us to make public. Well done to:

St George’s Church of England Primary School, Wandsworth

Once again this year, 100% of pupils crossed the threshold.
Of the 30 children in Y1, 16 children (53%) are Pupil Premium children; 8 children (27%) children are identified as requiring SEN support, 3 of which are Pupil Premium children.

The Academy of Woodlands Gillingham

95% of 62 Year 1 children reached or exceeded the threshold of 32 and 100% of those from Year 2 who didn’t reach the threshold last year did so this year.

In 2016, two of the three children in Y1 who didn’t reach the 32 threshold came to the school Christmas this academic year. One of them had completely missed nursery and YR. In the case of one of the pupils who entered in Y1, it was the child’s first time in a school and the child still got 16/40. The other arrived with severe emotional and behavioural problems and was starting from scratch. That pupil got 23/40. The third is a child with learning delays but who still scored 28/40.

Of the 62 children in Year 1, 16 are Pupil Premium and 9 are EAL.

Greenbank Primary School

97% of Year 1 children reached or exceeded the threshold of 32 in the Phonics check.
Here is a summary of the results.
All Pupils
Scoring 32 and above 58/60 children 96.7%    (This was also the same for scoring 33+)
34     57/60   95%
35     53/60   88%
36+  50/60    83%
40    13/60    22%

SEN: 6/6 scored 33 and above; Pupil Premium: 11/11 scored 36 and above; EAL   26/28 scored 32 and above.

Previous Results: 2013  61%; 2014  84%; 2015  77%.

St Thomas Aquinas RC Primary School

Of the 60 children taking the PSC, 57 reached or exceeded the threshold mark of 32.
Of the three who didn’t, one is SEN, one is Pupil Premium, and one has special medical needs.

Bozeat Community Primary School

100% of children passed the check. This is an amazing achievement for the school and for the new head teacher Ms Gujit Virk because last year only 44% of pupils passed the check.
What is also interesting about this year’s Y1 is that every single pupil also scored above their chronological age on the Young’s Parallel Spelling Test.

Stop Press: On a Sounds-Write course in Durham last week, participants from two schools also reported that 100% of their pupils had also crossed the government’s threshold mark of 32. They were: Cockfield Primary School in Bishop Auckland and St Michael’s Church of England Primary School in Bishop Middleham. Well done to them, too!

Would any other Sounds-Write schools who would like to share their achievements please get in touch with us.