The LB gives UKLA F for PSC

If there’s one thing The United Kingdom Literacy Association (UKLA) never misses, it’s the opportunity to attack approaches to teaching all children to read and spell successfully and from the moment they enter school. Of course, I’m talking about good quality phonics approaches and, in particular, linguistic phonic approaches, such as Sounds-Write or Fiona Nevola’s… Continue reading The LB gives UKLA F for PSC

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Ballad of a thin-king man. We’re the geeks on this one!

Susan Godsland’s eagle eye in detecting references to the teaching of reading has spotted one buried inside a podcast by Mark Henderson and published in theguardian online, which she’s posted as a new thread on the RRF here. The podcast, ‘The Geek Manifesto: why science matters’, is based on Henderson’s recently published book (2012) of… Continue reading Ballad of a thin-king man. We’re the geeks on this one!

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Clear teaching, Part I

A short while ago, Yvonne Meyer posted on the Reading Reform Foundation to a downloadable book on direct teaching, called Clear Teaching, With Direct instruction, Siegfried Englemann discovered a better way of teaching by Shephard Barbash. The posting has generated some discussion, which you can read here. Nevertheless, I thought I’d add my thoughts on theliteracyblog… Continue reading Clear teaching, Part I