How to correct common spelling errors

A question I’m often asked in regard to correcting spelling in pupils’ work usually runs along the lines of: My child is in Y3 and the teacher hasn’t corrected such and such a spelling mistake. Is the teacher right and, if not, what should the teacher be correcting? Well, as the writing system in English… Continue reading How to correct common spelling errors

Sarah Donarski · sophisticated spellings for GCSE · Wellington College

Sarah Donarski’s ‘Sophisticated spellings’ syllabified

The following lists are provided courtesy of Sarah Donarski’s perspectEd blog. Sarah is an English teacher at Wellington College in Crowhorne in Berkshire.  The lists are updated ‘sophisticated spellings’ for GCSE English. Many thanks to Sarah for sharing them! All I have done is to syllabify the words in her lists and, in so doing,… Continue reading Sarah Donarski’s ‘Sophisticated spellings’ syllabified