Linguistic tattoos · Mr Verb

Visual rhetorical reverberations, or linguistics tattoos to you and me

Ever considered a linguistics tattoo? Probably not! But Team Verb showed how me how amazingly committed some people are to their academic disciplines and the legs (you have to look at the slide show  slide 10! ) to which they will go to display that commitment.
Running teachers’ courses I’ve seen some interesting tattoos in my time. After reading this, I shall be looking out in future for a little schwa, replacing that butterfly/bizarre Chinese aphorism on someone’s pinkie, shoulder or ankle!

b ʊ t  w aɪ  w ʊɛ n iːw ɒ n  w ɒ n t  
t uː  t æ t uː  ə  ɡ l ɒ t l  s t ɒ p  (ʔ ) 
ɒ n t uː  ð ɛər  h æ n d  ð oʊ?